Quantum of Solace Preview

Your Geek News has a 10 minute preview of Quantum of Solace, featuring exclusive scenes and interviews, available on their website, I have yet to watch it all but it features some clips I’ve not seen (but then I have been trying to stay clear of most of them!), so I can’t confirm if it’s [...]

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Quantum of Solace Reviews

In case you haven’t spotted it Hardyboy has setup the main topic for the current crop of print and online Quantum of Solace reviews, they’re coming in thick and fast, but be warned they may (and do!) contain spoilers.

The topic is at the top of the Quantum of Solace forum, and it also appears in [...]

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Quantum of Solace Soundtrack on iTunes

The Quantum of Solace Soundtrack has been released on iTunes, but only in the UK so far.

You can currently listen to the samples if you are not in the UK by setting your iTunes store to UK (thanks to emtiem).

If you fancy helping to support the site please use the link below to order the [...]

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The Times – Who’s The Greatest Bond?

To celebrate the release of the latest Bond Film Quantum of Solace, The Times newspaper have partnered with online community polling website Poll the People to find out who really is the greatest 007 of all time!  To make your vote count, visit www.pollthepeople.com and have your say!

Why not vote for your top 5 Films, Albums and Books of all [...]

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Daniel Craig in Men’s Vogue

Mens Vogue – Daniel Craig

The next Men’s Vogue features Daniel Craig on the cover as well as an interview with the Quantum of Solace star. The website features part of this over six pages (follow the link below).

The hypnotic effect of Craig’s torso – à la the infamous beach scene in Casino Royale – often [...]

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Ask Daniel Craig & Marc Forster

Moviefone are holding one of their Unscripted Interviews this weekend with Daniel Craig (James Bond) and Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace Director) and they want you to supply the questions…

You can ask anything you like (within reason!) and they will pick some of the best for the actual interview which is taking place this Sunday [...]

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20 Bond Films on BT Vision

Well it looks like everyone has jumped on the Bond bandwagon! This one is quite good though,a ssuming you don’t own the films on VHS, DVD or soon to be Blu-Ray! BT Vision the, TV service from BT have just launched the first 20 James Bond Films on their on-demand film service.

They also have a [...]

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Roger Moore on iTunes

The BBC Behind The Mic podcast this month features Roger Moore including extracts from his new autobiography My Word is My Bond.

Producer Kate Thomas introduces Sir Roger Moore, with extracts from his autobiography, My Word Is My Bond, before Sir Roger proceeds to share some insights into how he penned his memoirs.

Get the Podcast on iTunes

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USA Bond Premiere

Something for us slobs in the states…

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Craig & Dench Wax Works

James Bond & M Wax Works at Madame Tussauds© Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds London have launched a brand new Bond Experience to tie in with the release of Quantum of Solace.

The expereince features wax works of Daniel Craig as James Bond 007, dressed in a classic Tom Ford black tuxedo and Judi Dench as M alongside [...]

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