Ian Fleming: In His Own Words

The Playboy Interview, December 1964

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Unmade Bond script fetches £46K

A screenplay for a James Bond film that was never made has been sold at auction in London for £46,850.

The script for Warhead, written by Sir Sean Connery, author Len Deighton and producer Kevin McClory, had been expected to fetch no more than £3,000. 

The full story can be found by clicking the link below.

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Quantum of Solace on A Budget

When the recession is the true henchman…

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Quantum Of Solace – The Score

David Arnold composes his fifth 007 score, once more with Nicholas Dodds conducting the orchestra. As has happened too often in the past, Arnold is saddled with a theme song he didn’t contribute to leaving him unable to integrate it into his music. Still, an excellent score with much to enjoy- the slower pieces are [...]

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Quantum of Solace Record Opening

BBC News are reporting that Sony are claiming Bond’s opening day is the biggest in UK history taking £4.9m beating Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire which took £4.09m. Quantum of Solace has also surpassed Casino Royale which took £2.9m on it’s opening day.

Is there a  film these days that doesn’t beat previous records?!

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Best Buy Quantum of Solace Game Launch

Best Buy, the American retailer will be opening numerous stores at midnight on Monday 3rd November to launch Quantum of Solace the game. Their West Hollywood store will also be opening but will feature added special events, including the chance to play Another Way to Die on Guitar Hero, World Tour (The song will be [...]

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Olga Kurylenko Interview

BBC News have posted an interview with Olga Kurylenko…

“Daniel Craig took part in the casting process for Camille. Can you remember what you had to do?There were three auditions and he was present at the third. That’s the first time I met him. I had to play a scene with him and during that audition I [...]

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Quantum of Solace World Premiere

The premeiere took place tonight iin Leicester Square, London, taking over both the Odeon and the Empire cinema, with a BFI early screening also being held at the Odeon West End (just opposite).

The BBC have coverage in an article on BBC News discussing the premiere, the who’s who and more.

“Princes William and Harry were cheered [...]

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MI6 Declassified Issue 4

MI6 Declassified 4 -Quantum of Solace Special

Issue four of James Bond magazine MI6 Declassified has been released and is available to order online, this issue is a Quantum of Solace special (for some reason!) and contains…

Solace Is Golden : Go behind the scenes of Quantum of Solace through six countries and its 103 day shooting [...]

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The Bond Music Of Roland Shaw (1920-2008)

In my first article I stated that the various albums by Nic Raine and the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra represented the most sustained series covering James Bond music. Second on that list would be Roland Shaw and his Orchestra, active in a much earlier time. The recent death of Mr Shaw has prompted this look at [...]

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