20 Bond Films on BT Vision

Well it looks like everyone has jumped on the Bond bandwagon! This one is quite good though,a ssuming you don’t own the films on VHS, DVD or soon to be Blu-Ray! BT Vision the, TV service from BT have just launched the first 20 James Bond Films on their on-demand film service.

They also have a list of the best 10 Bond moments… (The invisible car? Really?!)…

  1. The birth of the Bond Girl
  2. Laser torture: “Do you expect me to talk?”
  3. Escape by jet-pack
  4. Little Nellie: the portable helicopter
  5. Bond’s wife gets murdered
  6. The Union Jack parachute
  7. The car that becomes a submarine
  8. Death on the Golden Gate Bridge
  9. The best bungee jump ever
  10. The invisible car

What more could you want than Bond on demand?

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